Sra. Roark

I’d like to introduce myself and give you an overview of what you can expect in my class. This will be my ninth year teaching Spanish here at Stevens. Language learning has always been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I have found that it is a wonderful experience to be able to help teenagers learn and use the Spanish language.

The main focus in Spanish I and II is for students to learn and use basic conversation, to use basic grammar structures, and to increase awareness and appreciation of cultures different from their own.  You will not be fluent at the end of this year, this is just the basics.


The more the students practice at home, the more quickly they’ll learn. If you know someone who has had some Spanish and can help you, great! If not, you can get help from anyone who can quiz you on vocabulary, grammar, etc.  Also, I will be available for extra help before school beginning at 7:30, so please see me before you start feeling “lost”. Most of all, practice healthy habits and good attendance. It can make all the difference. If you feel you are struggling, please ask for extra help.