Sra. Raaphorst

¡Bienvenidos a español 1 y 2!

Me llamo Sra. Raaphorst.  ¡Estoy muy contenta y orgullosa a enseñar a ustedes!  Este año es mi quinto aquí en Stevens High School. Enseño español 1 y 2.  Vamos a aprender mucho este año.  Hacer “click” en español 1 o 2 para información sobre lo que hacemos en clase.

¡Hasta pronto!


Welcome to Spanish 1 and 2!

My name is Mrs. Raaphorst.  I am very happy and proud to teach you! This year is my 5th here at Stevens.  I teach Spanish 1 and 2.  We are going to learn a lot this year.  Click on Spanish 1 or 2 for more information.

See you soon!

Supplies for Spanish 1

notebook (one subject will not be enough to get us through the year)

a pocket folder or binder (to hold notes, worksheets, maps, etc)

pens and pencils

4-8 whiteboard markers (we use these daily, almost as much as pens and pencils)

2 packs of 3x5 index cards (200 total)

a whiteboard eraser or handkerchief

 Supplies for Spanish 2

notebook, pocket folder or binder, pens/pencils, a plastic sandwich bag, 100 notecards, 4-8 whiteboard markers, 2 large white posterboards (leave at home until needed), a white board eraser or handkerchief