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Más Práctica

There are many resources to boost your Spanish skills. 

This page includes online worksheets, quizzes, activities, and links to other sites that can be used to practice Spanish. It will be organized by level and topic/theme.

  •     Hard copy - Collins Spanish Concise Dictionary by HarperCollins. This is an excellent dictionary and includes a grammar section in the back. Other dictionaries can work, but this is one of the best.

Textbook websites: 
  • Spanish 4 - Imagina - vhlcentral.com

Study suggestions and how to improve your grade:
  • Take notes and study them.
  • Participate fully in class.
  • Do the homework.
  • Get projects checked before turning them in.
  • Studying using the free resources below.
  • Make flashcards, postit notes, pictures, and stories in Spanish.
  • Study with a partner or tutor.
  • Get help from your teacher before or after school.

Study and practice resources (all free):
  • DuoLingo - This is a website and app for Mac/iPhone, Android/Google, and PC.
  • StudySpanish.com - This site provides well organized lessons, practice quizzes, and cultural information.
  • Bueno, entonces... - Through YouTube, Bueno, entonces shares videos to learn Spanish though music. Enjoy!
  • Quia - This is a wiki site where teachers, students, and fans post games, worksheets, quizzes, PowerPoints, and other Spanish learning resources.
  • Coffee Break Spanish - This is a 20 minute podcast that is entertaining and educational. 
    • News Time Spanish - A spin off from Coffee Break Spanish, this weekly podcast provides Spanish world news at a speed learners can better understand. 
    • Showtime Spanish - Another spin off, this podcast is great for intermediate to advanced students. There are conversations in Spanish, that are then discussed in English. Also, they have a mini telenovela (soap opera).
  • Mango - This resources is available through the South Dakota State Library. To get the login information, ask Profa Giffin, or your librarian.