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There are many resources to boost your German skills. 

This page includes online worksheets, quizzes, activities, and links to other sites that can be used to practice German. It will be organized by level and topic/theme.

  • leo.org - great online dictionary
  • Langenscheidt has a good paper version dictionary. For high school, you only need to purchase the basic version which is small and handy. It contains all your basic vocabulary you need.  

Three Ring - Online Portfolio: 

This year we will continue portfolios to show your personal growth. They will be graded at the end of each semester (50 possible points-see rubric). In addition to your physical portfolio, we are also starting an online portfolio this year. This will give you an opportunity to upload electronic presentations, record your voice, etc. You can even share your portfolio with your parents. To load any files to your online portfolio, you need a username and a password from Frau Kuegle. Make sure you don't loose your information! You need to download the free Three Ring App onto your computer or smart phone to get started or you can use the tablets at school.  See file below for username and password.

Study and practice resources (all free):
  • Zondle APP Class Codes: Please download this free app to your electronic device and start practicing. If you don't have your own smart phone or tablet/computer available, you can use one of the tablets while in class.
Deutsch 1: 32088-73437
Deutsch 2: 32088-73436
Deutsch 3: 32088-73435
Deutsch 4: 32088-73434
  • Duolingo
Engaging mini-games that test your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. You can challenge yourself or compete against friends. 
  • busuu: Learn in a fun and easy way and practise with a community of over 45 million native speakers. Stay motivated by setting a goal and tracking your progress. 

  • German Free 24/7 Language Learning: Learn or refresh your German anytime and anywhere with a mobile language lab. 

  • Mango - This resources is available through the South Dakota State Library. To get the login information, ask Profa Giffin, or your librarian.

  • Die Berliner Mauer & German Reunification - good movies about this topic
        "Das Leben der Anderen" - The lifes of" others
        "Good bye Lenin"
        "Berlin is in Germany"
        http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/lp/lhr/res/aoe1/aoerueckblick/enindex.htm Reunification of Germany and other topics

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